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Organization of living things

How is a living thing organized?

If we have a look around ourselves maybe you are not able to identify concrete cells. This is because cells are not visible with our naked eyes we need to use microscopes for that. Also cells are organized on a complex system so you can see the final body. There are different levels of organization in living things:

  • Level 1: Cells
  • Level 2: Tissues
  • Level 3: Organs
  • Level 4: Systems
  • Level 5: Body

Body organs

Geralt. Human body (Public Domain)

Visual thinking to explain

Duration: 2 lessons
2 lessons
Grouping: Individual

The best way of showing the organization of a liiving thing is a visual thinking mind map. In this task you have to create a mind map using the technique of visual thinking. You need to draw and show all your knowledge about the topic in a visual way. At the following links you can find more information about the different levels of the organization of living things:

Maybe you don't have enough ideas or resources to work with visual thinking here you have a great article about what is Visual Thinking and how to work on it. 

The best way of working with Visual Thinking is your pencil, your rubber, your colours and a piece of paper. But in case you want to work with any web tool you can use:

Thinking about my learning

It is time to reflect about your learning today. Remind that everyday at the end of each lesson you will write on your Learning Diary asking the following questions:

  • Date
  • What have I done?
  • What problems did I have? How did I solve these problems?
  • What have I learn?
  • How can I improve my learning for the next lesson?
  • Do I want to learn a bit more about something?

Your teacher will check it and give to you some feedback to help your improvements.