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Must and Mustn't: talking about rules

We use must or mustn't to tell what someone has to do. It is a personal obligation. We normally use it to say rules, like the school rules: "You must pay attention to your teachers while they are explaining".

The following video could be helpful for you to understand it better:

Let's practice a bit

You will never learn better the grammar than practising it several times, the following links can help you to do it.

Writing time!

As we have learnt we use must and mustn't to set rules which imply a personal  obligation. With this task we are going to create a set of ten rules (decalogue) for having a healthy life style. We are going to show them with a poster or infography.

The following web tools will be helpful for your poster:

Healthy food
Silviarita. Comida Saludable (Public Domain)