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The systems in our body

The systems in our body.

As living things, our bodies need to perform the three vital functions: Nutrition, interaction and reproduction. Each vital function needs some of the systems which are connected in order to perform it.

  • Nutriton: Respiratory System, Digestive system, Circulatory system, Excretory system.
  • Interaction: Five senses and nervous system, Locomotor system.
  • Reproduction: The male reproductive system and the female reproductive system. 

Task: a comic

4 lesson

This task will be divided into three different parts in order to cover all the contents related with this topic. 

Short Comic Strip
Open ClipArt Vectors. Comic (Public Domain)
  • Task 2: Create some materials (presentation or poster) for a short oral presentation to your classmates about the body system you are incharged of. It will be very simple but you need to offer all the information.
    • The material should include:
      • The vital function it is related to
      • The main organs and what they perform
    • We can use a presentation using Power Point, Genially, Google SlidesSWAY.
    • We can use an infographic using Canva or Picktochart.
A person presenting

Task 3: We are going to create a test for the whole class by adding questions related with body system. Each pair will tell to the teacher three questions about the system they worked on and they have explained to their mates. 

  • The questions have to:
    • Be related to the system.
    • It has been explained during the presentation.
    • There are four possible options.
  • With all the questions the teacher will create an online test. He can use for example Google forms.


Thinking about my learning.

It is time to reflect about your learning today. Remind that everyday at the end of each lesson you will write on your Learning Diary asking the following questions:

  • Date
  • What have I done?
  • What problems did I have? How did I solve these problems?
  • What have I learn?
  • How can I improve my learning for the next lesson?
  • Do I want to learn a bit more about something?

Your teacher will check it and give to you some feedback to help your improvements

There is an special document to reflex about all the process of learning you have done along this project. With the following document you will be able to think about what you have done and how you will use it for.