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Lights on!

Welcome to a new learning adventure in which we are going to improve our Sicence skills and your ICT ones, and also we are going to learn some English skills. This project is about the electricity, how it is produced and how we can use it. We will try to do our best and to enjoy our learning process.

Along this resource we will work on the electricity, how electricity can be produced and how we can use it. Finally we will create an electrical circuit. We are going to review some English contents like modal verb SHOULD to give advices and recommendations. 

Along this project we are going to have different short tasks which we will join at the end in a great final product. We will work individually but also we will have pair and group working.


We also offer to the teacher a section of SCAFFOLDING to help the students to support the language input along the unit. In this project scaffolding section deals about the modal verb SHOULD. This will be useful to work with it, in case you consider, you can do it the final task. At this task students will use this modal verb to give some recomendations about how to use the lights to be more sustainaible


Along this project we will follow this itinerary:

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English. Compulsory Secondary Education.
Author: Javier Ramos Sancha