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Plant Reproduction

Do plants have babies?

As a living thing plants need to reproduce themselves so they can spread creating "copies" of them so they are never finished. The plants have two kinds of reproduction:

  • Sexual reproduction: The plant has their sexual organs (parts of the flower) and it is called pollination or by spores.
  • Asexual reproduction: The plants reproduce by bulb, stolons and tuber. 
Bee taking pollen
Ulrike Leone. Blossom (Public Domain)

Creating a Mind Map

1 lesson

We are going to create a mind map about the plant reproduction after an investigation about the topic. The mind map should include the following topics:

  • Parts of the flower.
  • Sexual Reproduction (pollination and spores)
  • Asexual Reproduction
Mind map
TeroVesalainen. Mindmap (Public Domain)

You have here some useful links for your investigation and to organize your ideas about plant reproduction:

If you want here you have a short tutorial about how to create good mind maps:

You can use lots of different tools for creating the map, also you can create with your feltips and paper. Here we offer you some ICT tools to use it in case you want:

Your work will be assessed by the  rubric to assess a mind map (download in editable odt formatdownload in pdf).

Thinking about my learning

It is time to reflect about your learning today. Remind that everyday at the end of each lesson you will write on your Learning Diary asking the following questions:

  • Date.
  • What have I done?
  • What problems did I have? How did I solve these problems?
  • What have I learn?
  • How can I improve my learning for the next lesson?
  • Do I want to learn a bit more about something?

Your teacher will check it and give to you some feedback to help your improvements.