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Plants around our country

Plant around us

Along the project we have learnt and discovered how important are the plants in the world and in our lives. Let's remind the plants are cleaning the air you breathe when they eat. And also we have checked we need to take care of the insects because plants need them to reproduce.

Now if you now all the importance of them we need to know which plants we have around us so we can take care of them better. 

Hans. Lavanda (Public Domain)

Discover plants in our country

2 lessons

You have to complete four cards about four different plants of the flora in our country. The cards have to include the following data:

  • Scientific name:
  • Common Name:
  • Two characteristics.
  • Where does the plant live?

You can use a text document using charts, a presentation or some inphografies, let's decide the most useful for you, but try to be creative and make them really visual. 

Observating plants
Jade87. Observation of plants (Public Domain)

Thinking about my learning

It is time to reflect about your learning today. Remind that everyday at the end of each lesson you will write on your Learning Diary asking the following questions:

  • Date.
  • What have I done?
  • What problems did I have? How did I solve these problems?
  • What have I learnt?
  • How can I improve my learning for the next lesson?
  • Do I want to learn a bit more about something?

Your teacher will check it and give to you some feedback to help your improvements.