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Apps and Games

You and your classmates probably belong to a 'smart generation' that uses technological devices on a daily basis. Also, you will probably use the Internet connection from your PC or smartphone to play your favourite games or applications (apps). Is that right? Which is your favourite app or game? Well, you do not need to answer yet. Before that, we want to welcome you to this virtual site and tell you a bit about what you will be working on.

This unit is focused on applications and games that can be installed and run from a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, among other devices. Apart from practising technology-related vocabulary, you will have the chance to revise and learn simple grammar structures, which you will be using in several missions throughout the unit and in the preparation and presentation of the final challenge: a video tutorial about your favourite applications or games. Let's get started!

Open Educational Resource by Proyecto EDIA - Cedec.
English. Compulsory Secondary Education.
Author: María José Alcaina Fort.

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