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A film festival

Organizing a film festival

In the previous sections, you have worked on some basic elements to create and produce a film. In this final part of the project, you and your classmates will prepare and organize a real film festival to show your own short films within the school community.

At the end of this section, you will have:

  • Edited all the scenes for your short film.
  • Organized and promoted a film festival at your school.
  • Promoted your short film on social networks.
  • Reflected on how much you have learnt by working on this project.

As you did in the other missions of the project, you are going  to work on the final challenge with three other students. Remember that you and your classmates can learn a lot by working together.

Please, read the steps in the section below to perform the final challenge of this project.

Film Premiere

This project's final challenge includes two main steps:

  • Getting your film ready
  • Promoting a film festival 

Your work on the final challenge will be assessed by your teacher with the criteria included in the 'Rubric to assess the project Becoming a cinema director(download in editable odt format, download in pdf).

Please, follow the ideas that we suggest you to complete the challenge.

Steps for the challenge
  • For preparing the film festival, you and the members of your group first need to edit your short film with a computer.
  • Remember to include in your film a title, credits and music adequate for the film topic You can also use some image effects available in the video editor that you use.
  • Create a poster similar to the one that you designed in the"Going to the movies"section. In this case, your poster will be based on your own short film.The poster will include a title, a two-line plot summary, actors and actresses' names and an attractive phrase to attract the audience's interest.
  • Coordinate with other groups and design an official poster for the film festival. Include information about when and where people at your school can view the films.
  • Copy the URL links to your short film poster and the festival poster and post them on the page entitled 'My digital resources' of your Weebly site. Share them on Pinterest with the people you like by attaching an image.
Activities to promote your work

You have made a great effort to complete all the missions and the challenge within this project. At this final stage, we encourage you to show it to as many people as possible. The promotion of your project is a very important part of your work. Otherwise, what is the point in doing such hard work if nobody knows about it? 

  • Copy the URL link to your short film and post it on the page entitled 'My digital resources' of your  Weebly site. Share it on Pinterest with your classmates by attaching an image.
  • Why don't you show all your work to your family, friends and  school mates? Your teacher will create a film channel on YouTube where you can upload your short film.
  • You can put flyers on the school walls announcing and promoting your film premiere. Include the link to the site where it can be viewed. 
  • We want you to promote it by using the social network Pinterest. Your teacher will create a board and will invite you to collaborate by inserting the link to your short film. Remember to insert an image related to the film. You will find out the number of people that pin it, which means they like it.
  • Another promotional activity can be done by using your own school web page. Your teacher will create a page entitled 'English Portfolio - 2nd Year CSE'  in your school website and will include the links to your own Weebly site and to your classmates'. This would be not only a good way of promoting your work within your school community, but also a way of reaching a higher number of people interested in learning English through collaborative projects.
  • Another possibility is that you present your short film at a real film festival. You could send your film to the Kid film festival, for example. Here you could nominate other films that you like or you could even win an award!!
  • Any other ideas? Can you imagine other ways of promoting your work?.

As a film maker and producer, you can choose among a great variety of video editing tools for making your short film. Find below some apps and tutorials on video edition.

Learning diary - project assessment

Your participation in this project will be completely finished after you evaluate your own experience all along your learning process. 

You will create the final post entitled: "A film festival. Assessing the project". Here, reflect on your work and answer the key questions below.

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