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About the project

Our project. General information

The final challenge of this project is the production and promotion of your own short film. But before that, you need to surf different websites and overcome several missions that will help you gain knowledge and acquire strategies.

Collaborative work is highlighted in this project, which means you will mainly acquire knowledge by working in pairs or small groups. Likewise, you will also work individually on interactive activities to which you will access by clicking on the website links provided.

Do not forget that your teacher can help you whenever necessary on your way towards the big final challenge.

 It is advisable that you read some general information about this resource before you start working so that you learn about the objectives that you will need to achieve and the tools and applications with which you will fulfil your tasks or missions. You will also know about some aspects on the evaluation of your work and how to use Your learning diary. Click on the titles below for detailed information.

Your Work

The missions that you will have done at the end of this project are:

  • The creation and presentation of a film billboard.
  • A Google map based on film locations.
  • A timeline based on real facts recreated in films.
  • The preparation of dialogues for several scenes in a short film.
  • The final challenge which consists of the edition of a short film and its promotion at a film festival and on the Internet.
Tools and Apps
  • To create, design and edit your work, you will be able to use the following apps, among others.
  • Cacoo, an online tool with which you will create word maps to work on key vocabulary.
  • Canva, which will enable you to design and create your own charts and posters.
  • StoryboardThat. You will use this online app to prepare the drafts for your presentations. 
  • Google Slides, to create slide presentations.
  • Google maps, to create a location map based on films.
  • Sutori. This enables you to create digital timelines.
  • Audacity, A voice based learning tool.
  • Wevideo, the tool with which you will create and edit your big final challenge: a short film,which will be published on a YouTube channel. If you prefer, you can find other video-editing tools at the site.
  • Kdenlive. Video editor
  • Magisto movie. Video editor for mobile phones.
Promoting your work

Notice that you will be performing several missions and we are sure that, by the end of this resource, you will be proud of your great work, which you can prepare, publish or share with the help of the online tools and apps listed below.

  • To publish, you will use Weebly site. An email account is required to create your own site where you will be posting all your missions. Within this site, you will create a blog entitled 'Your learning diary' in which you will be including relevant information concerning your learning process.
  • To share your work with other people, you will use Pinterest, a digital board where you can publish your tasks and share them with your classmates.

Throughout the project, your teacher may award you with a badge from Open Badges in case of excellent performance.


Your progress on this project will be assessed according to the following criteria:

As you can see, you will get entirely involved in this project by acquiring, creating and sharing contents as well as assessing both, your own andyour classmates' learning progres.

Learning diary

You will learn more meaningfully if you reflect on your work progress throughout this project. In your Weebly site, you will create a blog entitled "Becoming a cinema director", which will be Your Learning Diary. Here, you will answer several questions and will become aware of your efficient work and of the difficulties that you find in each mission and in the final challenge.

Final remarks.Your work on this resource will help you develop your linguistic competence as you will be presented some language aspects that you will practise in several reading, listening, writing and speaking activities. Here, you will also have the chance to develop your autonomy in your learning process and to work in a collaborative way with your classmates. Besides, you can broaden your digital competence with the online tools and apps suggested to carry out your work.

Learning diary

After reading the general information about this project, we encourage you to reflect on the work that you are going to do. It is time to start creating your Learning Diary. It will help you reflect on what you are learning and, most important, what the best way of learning is.

Make a first post on your blog/diary  entitled 'About the project' and type/write your answers for the questions in Writing the post. 

  • Remember that if you use a Weebly website, you have the possibility to create a blog which you will entitle 'Becoming a cinema director'. This is going to be your Learning Diary.
  • Another option is to use a personal notebook where you can write down your reflections on your own learning process.

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