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Waterfront Hall

Let's go to the concert!

We keep on visiting the wonderful city of Belfast. Now that you have visited some landmarks of the city, we get to one of the main venues in Belfast: Waterfront Hall. At this stage, you have to continue with your first entry at the site of the English-speaking cities.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • read and done some activities about ethical shopping.
  • started doing some research on your Google Site project.
  • opened your Learning Diary and started writing your first post.

Many plays take place every year, in the 350 seated capacity studio, including operas, pantomimes and musicals. The venue also houses exhibition space for visual arts, bars, a restaurant and a gift shop. Visit Waterfront Hall in Belfast web page  and you will be able to take a look at all the different contents.

Remember that Waterfront Hall must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskinterview and #EDIAbelfast). Would you like to go to any of the events that take place there? Which one/s? The 'Rubric to assess a Tweet' can help you do a great job at this social network.

Visit to a shopping centre

After going to a concert at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, you decide to visit some shops to take a look at different things that you need at home. 

All of us need to buy some stuff from time to time. But do we think about how our shopping affects people, animals and the environment?

Here is how you can love fashion and the world we live in. Read the text and answer the comprehension questions: Ethical Shopping

As our task in this project is to design an interview about your last visit to a shopping centre, you can check some more vocabulary about shops.

As a result of this activity, you have to create a glossary where you can add the basic vocabulary about shops and shopping. You have to upload this list to your personal blog. 

Then you can use this list to complete the interview you have to design and record in this task. In order to create the list you are going to use in your interview you can use the following online tools:

When you finish, you can share your link through Twitter using the official hashtags of this project : #taskinterview and #EDIAbelfast

Your challenge: Belfast. Here we go!

Challenge Step 2: Getting to know what is required and starting with the research

At this stage, once you have set up your teams and created your Google Site, you have to continue with the Northern Irish entry for the English-speaking cities challenge.

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, one of the countries in the United Kingdom. This country used to be part of the European Union, but British citizens voted Brexit on June, 2016. Its flag, which you have underneath, is also part of the Union Jack.

The minimum requirements that your group has to fulfill in order to pass this challenge successfully include:

  • the map of the city from Google Maps with the route of the ten steps we have in our tour of the city.
  • one video about tourism in the city,
  • some text about what tourists can do in the city,
  • And two links to printable guides, leaflets, brochures, and so forth.

In order to complete the challenge, you are suggested to look up the following websites:

These are the suggested websites where you can obtain a lot of information for your challenge. But you can add some more in.

In order to produce the best possible design of this challenge, remember to take into account the 'Rubric to assess the design of a digital site'.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 1: Start your blog-portfolio and use it to reflect on the different activities you are working on.

Writing Tools
Pete O'Shea. Writing Tools (CC BY)

One of activities you have to do is a "Learning Diary". You can do it by opening a blog where you can explain in your first post different aspects of your research such as:

  • How you have divided the different tasks and the research you have done.
  • All the steps you have followed in your investigation.
  • The links you have visited in your challenge.

If you have already opened up a blog in another project, just add these reflections in another page. Remember that creativity is going to be really important in developing the project. 

This is a perfect moment for you to check your work. Press the button and answer the questions in your blog.

Remember to share the link of your learning diary through Twitter using the hashtag: #taskinterview and #EDIAbelfast