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Welcome to this awesome adventure that we are about to begin! In these projects, we are going to travel all around the world and we are going to visit some of the most important English-speaking cities and their most outstanding tourist landmarks. And of course, we are about to experience the really wonderful and funny experience of learning English in a collaborative way.

In this project, we are going to travel to Toronto, the capital city of the Ontario State in Canada and one of the largest cities in Canada.  

paul bica. Toronto (CC BY)

At the end of this journey, you will have:

  • learnt a lot of facts about Canadian cities.
  • composed a digital presentation about a short travel guide to different Canadian cities with your pieces of advice and recommendations for young people. 
  • learnt a lot of things about the city of Toronto and Canada, a beautiful country to live in.  

Each session of this project is going to take place in a different and famous part of the city of Toronto. In each of the different places, there is a proposal of tasks, challenges and activities to deal with the official syllabus.

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