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Writing a newspaper

Welcome to this amazing new learning adventure that presents some language contents to learn and practise the English language with a wide range of  ICT resources.

In this project, you are going to inform about what happens around your school by creating, publishing and sharing your own news stories in an online newspaper.

Along with thisyou will work on vocabulary activities based on newspaper parts and sections, opinion adjectives, the environment and other current issues. Here, you will also have the chance to revise and practise several grammar aspects such as present and past tenses, Will future and interrogative sentences. Throughout the project, you will find several tasks with which you can develop your communicative skills.

All these contents will help you in the design and production of your online newspaper. Challenging, isn't it?

Let's get started!

Open Educational Resource by EDIA Project - Cedec.
English. Compulsory Secondary Education.
Author: María José Alcaina Fort.

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