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Fact Sheet


Your first CV


English as a foreign language

Level / Course 2nd Course CSE
Final Projecct Creation of a video curriculum
Contents Express likes and dislikes / Give and ask information
Timing 15 sessions

Fact sheet and download

This resource has got a CC BY-SA license and therefore it can be used, downloaded, modified and adapted without any problem, as long as you provide the name of the creator, and in case of being transformed and publishing a new version, it has to be done under the same license CC BY-SA as the original.

To give appropriate credit of the author of the resource, you can use the following text: 

This material is an adaptation of the original resource "Your first CV" from CeDeC’s  EDIA project.

Next, we offer the source file (original resource) to modify the material with eXeLearning, free authoring tool which is available for any operating system. 


EDIA project. Your first CV. Cedec
Author: María José Alcaina Fort