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Your first CV

You are about to start a virtual adventure which focuses on how to prepare a good CV or résumé. It is a fact that you have some years ahead before you start a career. However, you must start up getting familiar with the contents that a CV includes. An important part of these contents is your educational background,  that is why we encourage you to get the most of your studies and learn about practical things such as preparing a good CV in the event of starting a job search.

This unit presents language contents that will help you prepare a good CV. Here, you will learn and revise vocabulary related to school subjects, adjectives describing personality, job nouns and free time activities. Also, you will revise grammar structures to express likes and dislikes, to compare jobs, to give and ask personal and professional information and to express reason. Hopefully, all these language contents will help you create your first video curriculum, which is this project's final challenge.

Let's get started!

Open Educational Resource by EDIA Project - Cedec.
English. Compulsory Secondary Education.
Author: María José Alcaina Fort.

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