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Your TV programme

Let's go on air!

Working behind the scenes step by step, you have arrived at the last stage of the project and it is now and here where you have the chance to put into practice all that you have learnt  and show it to the world.

At the end of this section, you will have:

  • Gathered and organized all the information necessary to produce and broadcast a TV programme.
  • Designed the structure of your TV show.
  • Written the scripts before recording.
  • Produced and edited the different parts of your programme.
  • Promoted your work on the web and social networks.

Please, follow the instructions to carry out successfully the final challenge.

As you did in the other missions of the project,  you are going  to work together with other students in the final challenge. Remember that you and your classmates can learn a lot by working collaboratively.

Your TV magazine

All the outcomes that you have done throughout the project have helped you become a TV professional.

All your expertise and knowledge will enable you to face the great challenge you are about to start: the production and broadcasting of a magazine programme.

Your work on the final challenge will be assessed by your teacher with the criteria included in the 'Rubric for assessing a video challenge recording' (download in editable odt format, download in pdf).

Please, follow the steps that we suggest you to complete the challenge.

Promoting your work

You have made a great effort to complete all the missions and the challenge within this project. At this final stage of the project, we encourage you to show it to as many people as possible. The promotion of your project is a very important part of your work. Otherwise, what is the point in doing such a hard work if nobody knows about it?

In order to make this possible, we present you several activities that you must / could develop:

  • Why don't you show all your work to your family, friends and classmates? In groups, you will prepare and develop a complete presentation of your work. The final result can be developed in the classroom or/and recorded as a video that will be uploaded on a channel.
  • You can put flyers on the school walls announcing and promoting your TV programme and the channel where can be viewed. In your flyer, include concise information on the positive effects of watching your TV show.
  • We want you to promote it by using the social network Pinterest. Here, you can create a board where you must include all the links to the outcomes that you have completed. Remember to insert images to illustrate each mission. You will find out the number of people that pin your tasks, which means they like them a lot.
  • Another promotional activity can be done by using your own school web page. Your teacher will create a page entitled 'English Portfolio - 2nd Year CSE'  in your school website and will include the links to your classmates and your own Weebly site. This would be not only a good way of promoting your work within your school community, but also a way of reaching a higher number of people interested in learning English through collaborative projects.

Any other ideas? Can you imagine other ways of promoting your work?

Learning diary - project assessment

Your participation in this project will be completely finished after you evaluate your own experience all along your learning process. 

your learning diary

Peter O'SheaWriting tools (CC BY)

Please, enter the documents below and answer the questions.

By answering the questions, you will become aware of all the work that you have been able to do easily and of the difficulties that you may have come across. Besides, from your evaluation, your teacher will find out which contents and aspects of the project were meaningful to your learning process and which ones need to be modified because they did not help you achieve the project objectives.

You can discuss the questions with some classmates with whom you have shared the missions and challenge.

Finally, add your answers to 'What's on TV?', the learning diary that you have created in your site. Create a final post summarizing all these reflections. In this case, you will decide the title of this post.