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Why do we live here?

Welcome to a new learning adventure in which you are going to improve your Sicence skills and your ICT ones, also we are going to learn some English skills. This project is about the ecosystems, what the different types of ecosystems are and how the living things are integrated on them. Try to do your best and to enjoy your learning process.

Joshua Tree
sspiehs3. Joshua Tree (Public Domain)

Along this resource you will work on ecosystems. We will start learning about living things and its classification. Then we are going to learn the interactions the living things have among them. Finally we are going to focus our attention into the different kind of ecosystems.  We are going to review some English contents, in this case, comparative adjectives. 

Along this project you are going to have different short tasks which we will join at the end in a great final product. You will work individually but also you will have pair and group working.


We also offer to the teacher a section of SCAFFOLDING to help them to support the language input along the unit. In this project scaffolding section deals about comparative adjectives. This will be useful to work with it, in case you consider, you can do it before the final task. At this task you will use the comparative adjectives to compare a couple of ecosystems. 


Open Educational Resource by EDIA Project - Cedec
CLIL Science. Primary Education.
Author: Javier Ramos Sancha