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A trip from cell to the body


Natural Science

Level / course

5th course Primary Education

Driving question or Challenge

  • How does our body work?
  • Create a comic and a poster to explain how the body systems work. 


This resource will help the students to learn about the cells, the organization of the living things and how the different systems of the body work through a project based learning approach. They will have some designed task to investigate about the body.  All the tasks are designed for them to work autonomously and to reflex about their own process of learning. Also along them we try to foster student's collaboration. 


  • The cell
  • The organization of living things: cell, tissues, organs, systems
  • The body systems
  • Healthy habits


11 sessions of 50 minutes each approx. 

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This resource has got a CC BY-SA license and therefore it can be used, downloaded, modified and adapted without any problem, as long as you provide the name of the creator, and in case of being transformed and publishing a new version, it has to be done under the same license CC BY-SA as the original.

To give appropriate credit of the author of the resource, you can use the following text: 

This material is an adaptation of the original resource " A trip from the cell to the body" from CeDeC’s  EDIA project.

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EDIA project. A trip from the cell to the body. Cedec
Author: Javier Ramos Sancha

NIPO (web): 847-19-122-0; ISSN (web): 2695-4192; DOI (web): 10.4438/2695-4192_PE_2019_847-19-122-0; NIPO (formato elp): 847-19-138-5; NIPO (formato ePub): 847-19-137-X; NIPO (formato en línea): 847-19-136-4; DOI (formato ePub): 10.4438/2695-4192_PEePub70_2021_847-19-137-X