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SCAFFOLDING: Present Simple

Present simple: how to explain a process.

The present simple tense is used to talk about things which happen regularly as a process or a routine. When we are talking about how nature and plants work.

To talk using the present simple you will use the infinitive without to, for example: I play football every Monday. If we are talking about he, she or it.... we need to add an -s or -es. For example: The boy plays football every Tuesday / The girl studies French / The plant grows very slow. 

The following video could be heplful for you to understand it better:

Let's practice a bit.

You will never learn better the grammar than practising it several times, the following links can help you to do it.

Writing time!!

Once you have learnt and understood the Present Simple Tense we invite you to write a composition to practise it a lot by using in a "real" context. You are going to invent a robot. Let's describe what is he o she does in his or her daily life. 

Example: "My robot is Emilio. Emilio starts working at 7:00 am everyday. He prepares my breakfast with a coffee and toast in the morning........."

DrSJS. Cyborg (Public Domain)

The following rubric to assess a text will help you to write a great composition (download in editable odt formatdownload in pdf).