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Plant Nutrition

Do plants eat and breathe?

We have said along this project that plants are living things. As living things they need to eat and breathe to have energy for living and growing. There is a difference with other living things: plants are "autotrophs", which means they are able to produce their own food. There are two different processes:

  • Plant nutrition: photosynthesis. It happens only during the day because sunlight is needed.
  • Plant respiration: plant takes oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It happens during the whole day.

Explain photosynthesis and respiration through a video

2 lessons
Groups of 4

This time we are going to work in groups of four. We are going to investigate about this topic in different websites to learn a bit more information about how these both processes are produced into the plants. When we finish the investigation we are going to be able to show your learning about it.

We are going to follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Gather information

Let's read the links and take some notes into your notebooks about both processes:

STEP 2: Create a storyboard

With all this information you are able to create the STORYBOARD of your video we recomend it to create it using your creativity. Here we offer you some really creative ways of showing a concept in a video.

Let's prepare a Storyboard using this storyboard template (download in editable odt formatdownload in pdf). It is a paper in which you are going to summarize all the scenes of the video. It is a draft, don't do it quick but also don't look for the perfection on pictures. Everybody has to take place on it, so the COOPERATIVE LEARNING TECHNIQUE Let's spin the sheet can help you.

STEP 3: Record the video

When you are going to record a video it is a good idea to create a script to explain all the information you have organized in the Storyboard. The script should include:

  • Greetings and introduction of the members of the group.
  • Explanation of the photosynthesis process.
  • Explanation of the respiration process.
  • Differences between the two processes.
  • Farewell.

Once you have the script you are ready to record the video. 

You can use Flipgrid, in which you can record directly with you camera and then upload.  This playlist will be helpful for you to work with the app: PlayList about Flipgrid by Norberto Cuartero Toledo

If you want to edit your video you can use Avidemux. This videotutorial will be helpful for you: Tutorial básico de Avidemux por Marco Arrigada

Here you have the rubric to assess the video you have created (download in editable odt formatdownload in pdf).

Thinking about my learning

It is time to reflect about your learning today. Remind that everyday at the end of each lesson you will write on your Learning Diary asking the following questions:

  • Date.
  • What have I done?
  • What problems did I have? How did I solve these problems?
  • What have I learnt?
  • How can I improve my learning for the next lesson?
  • Do I want to learn a bit more about something?

Your teacher will check it and give to you some feedback to help your improvements.