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Introduction to the AGENDA 2030: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Welcome to this awesome new learning adventure in which you are going to improve both your English skills and your ICT ones by using as a context the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGS) of the AGENDA 2030. There are 17 sustainable development goals, do you know them?

Along this project you will familiarize with the AGENDA 2030 and you will learn about its 17 SGDs in order to invite you to be a changemaker to transform our world in the world we all deserve. We need creative students who take action to solve a social problem.

Together meeting Agenda 2030
Geralt. Together meeting the Agenda 2030 (Pixabay)

You are also going to develope your written and oral production and comprenhesion and to review some English contents like the past tense, present simple and vocabulary retaled to sustainaibility and other semantic fields (poverty, hunger: feeding and home, energy and cities: transport, recycling, ecosystem life: animals, etc).

You will have to do different tasks (individually, in pairs and in groups) to be able to do the great final product.

Here you have two videos of two changemakers: Alejando from Costa Rica and Mariana, Cailum and Quinn from Mexico.

Help the world by meeting the 17 SDGs and helping others to meet them!

Changemaker: Alejandro

The Global Goals. Changemakers: Alejandro - TIPT (Youtube standar)

Changemaker: Mariana, Cailum and Quinn

The Global Goals. Changemakers: Scouts Mariana, Caillum and Quinn (Youtube standar)

If you finish successfully all your tasks and the final challange of the project you will get the following Certificate of participation and a Changemaker card (download in editable odt format, download in pdf).  Moreover, after every TASK, you will get a sticker, there are five different models. Get of all of them!

Try to do your best and have fun in your learning process!

Learning pathway


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English. Compulsory Secondary Education
Author: Piedad Isabel Garrido Ruiz